Recommend, help a friend. Earn yourself a reward.

Recommend a candidate and if they’re successful, you will be rewarded with £1000 or donate to a charity of your choice.

We also offer a 20% discount on our services to the company that you represent.

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We have a wide range of roles across the Cyber Security sector that range in seniority. 


Here at Via Recommendation we are strong believers in incentives, and also understand that the correct people are fundamental for creating value for a company.  So if you recommend a person into one of our roles and if they’re successful, you will be rewarded with £1000.  

We know that hiring through recommendation works. With our unmatched expertise, partnered with our 11 years of experience within recruitment we have encountered the positive effects, first hand.


At via resource we are committed to fulfilling your absolute needs and requirements for your cyber security recruitment journey. Whether you’re a client or a candidate, via group have the opportunity. For a full coherent service, Search for your next career opportunity at Via Resource.


The Cyber Security industry is one that is often perceived to be a sector that requires a high level of technical skill and experience. But we know that this is not strictly true, now more than ever the largest threat to UK businesses is this preconception. The industry relies on skills such as strong communication, leadership and management. We seek to bridge this gap by increasing awareness of the opportunities available to a broader field of potential candidates. 

Providing you with bespoke insight surrounding cyber security from the leading CEO’s, CISO’s and CIO’s. Head over to the CLN website to further your knowledge in information security.

Via Recommendation are supporters of our local charities and the amazing work that they do, take a look at the most recent project that we are supporting.