Charity Work


We know the importance of building strong relationships within communities, so we have been supporting local charities each year  and have pledged to do more in the future. We’ve set ourselves a £10,000 donation target to reach by 2020. The money generated from our working initiatives will go towards reaching this target. 

Our Target of £10000
£3000 30%

Our ethos is to operate with respect, to work smarter and with everything we do, we ensure that we act with honesty and integrity. Our quality speaks for itself and understand the consequence of promising without delivering, Via Resource are in partnership with a number of local charities in the surrounding area working along side these organisations to help grow within our community. 

Take a look at some of the work we’ve been doing,

In the battle against blood cancer, Anthony Nolan participate in an annual 100 mile ride from London to Surrey. The work they do goes towards the support and awareness to people and their families that are effected by blood cancer.

Via Resource are avid supporters and sponsors of Anthony Nolan donating £1000 to them in 2019.

Discover more of the great work they are doing below.

White hat ball

In support of NSPCC, the white hat ball is a fundraising evening supported by local companies within the information security sector. With nearly £200,000 raised from the 2018 ball, the money went towards over 45,000 children making contact with a counsellor.

In 2019 Via Resource donated over £2000 to NSPCC at the white hat ball.